Be Wary of Regular TPO Roofing Membranes

The rapid growth of TPO membranes is a result of its attractive price, hot air welded seams and reflective properties. What is not recognized in many cases is the true cost of this or any system over the life of the roof.

Here are 9 reasons you should be wary of regular TPO roofing membranes!

  1. Poor Track Record
  2. Combustibility
  3. Installation Challenges
  4. Durability
  5. Chemical Resistance
  6. Addition Challenges
  7. Puncture Resistance
  8. Warranty Issues
  9. Poor Value

FiberTite’s Superior KEE

We encourage buyers and specifiers to weigh the pros and cons and discover the facts about FiberTite.

Here are the 9 reasons why FiberTite KEE is a superior product. 

  1. FiberTite has completed 27 years with over 99% of all installations still in service.
  2. FiberTite will self-extinguish if the ignition source is removed. It is UL approved.
  3. FiberTite, with thinner-but-stronger material, has no similar installation problems.
  4. FiberTite’s durability in every dimension has proven totally reliable for nearly 3 decades, due to its full encapsulation of the higher weave, heavier reinforcing fiber, and heavier weight (mass).
  5. FiberTite offers the highest resistance and best service record in this dimension of any heat-welded membrane.
  6. FiberTite has proven weldable at all points of its service life to date giving maximum flexibility and versatility for all repairs or additions.
  7. FiberTite maximizes puncture resistance by using the industry’s strongest yarn, within the most densely packed fabric.
  8. FiberTlte warranties, basic or optional, are among the strongest in the industry.
  9. FiberTite is proven to offer the absolute lowest life-cycle cost of any low-slope roofing material, of any composition.

Congress Associated, Dean Brown, is an expert representative, knowledgeable about the excellent FiberTite KEE product. Call Dean to learn the specifics of your project and how this FiberTite product can help you install a superior roof!

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