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If you are an owner of a commercial or industrial location, looking for systems and solutions for the roofing waterproofing and daylighting space, then Congress Associates is the Why for you.
Congress Associates represent cutting-edge products and assist the building owner, architect, consultant, and contractor by recommending the right solution for their building envelope. Each of the manufacturers we represent is committed to the sustainability of buildings; making them last longer, reducing lifecycle costs, and increasing energy efficiency. We strive for excellence in our relationships, service, integrity, and in the products of manufacturers, we represent.
  • We provide high-performance resilient products
  • We support environmentally responsible solutions
  • We focus on safety first
  • We reduce overall lifecycle costs
  • We build trusted relationships​​​​​​​
  • We deliver sustainable long term results

Here is a message from Dean Brown, principal at Congress Associates who has 20 years of experience supporting the roofing and building envelope industry. Dean’s expertise centers around successfully partnering with organizations & individuals across the industry while supporting a wide variety of product lines that will best meet your project’s demands. In addition, you can see with the partners we have teamed up with that our services span the entire building envelope, from the foundation & utility access to the doors, windows, and the roof. Products we represent are all backed by world-class manufacturers who are committed to sustainability. Our why is to: Make buildings last longer, Reduce overall lifecycle costs, increase energy efficiency.




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