The Largest GT-1 Tested Gutter Available

Size Matters: This is the only gutter GT-1 tested up to 14″. Engineered for contractors & specifiers, the Wind Resistant XL Gutter is the market’s largest ANSI/SPRI GT-1 tested system. With a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, this innovative labor-saving solution is available from 8-14″.

Benefits of the Hickman XL Gutter

Reduces Time on the Edge
Accelerates installation by 30-60%, significantly shortening the time spent along the roof edge.

Option to Pre-Assemble
Allows for safe & quick assembly in the shop or on the roof prior to positioning the gutter.

No External Brackets & Wind Straps
Five internal Z-Brackets instead of external brackets & wind straps, improving efficiencies & curb appeal.

Minimal Downspouts
Expanded capacity reduces downspouts needed, requiring less installation labor & enhancing aesthetics.

Rauch Alignment Bar
Unique Alignment Bar eliminates chalking or pre-measuring & ensures optimal placement across the building.

Skip Post-Painting for Quicker Lead Times
Faster turnarounds when post-painting & color matching are unnecessary with no external brackets to cover. See what specifiers & roofing contractors say about the new Wind Resistant XL Gutter & request a quote today!

Revolutionizing Water Control

The Wind Resistant XL Gutter is the only gutter up to 14″ that is engineered & tested to meet the requirements of the ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Standard. The XL Gutter reduces installation time anywhere from 30-60%, taking a five-man crew down to two. See how & learn more by watching our video.

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