What if You Didn’t Need a Wood Nailer?

Hickman Edge Systems makes using a wood nailer obsolete. The roof perimeter and corners serve as the first line of defense against severe winds, rain, hail, storms, tornados, hurricanes, and much more. If the edge fails, the entire roof system is in jeopardy. Replacing old wood nailers at the building perimeter with Eliminailer-T or EdgeBox RI significantly reduces the risk of failure and helps protect the entire roof system from costly damages and blow-off.

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Wood Nailer Alternative

  • 215 MPH Lifetime Wind Warranty
  • Superior Roof Edge Securement
  • Lasting Building Perimeter Protection
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance
  • Faster Install, Less Labor
  • Sustainable & Non-Combustible


  • Warranty and performance protection with wind coverage up to Cat 5 Hurricane
  • FM Tested up to 1-990 (Eliminailer-T) and 1-540(Max 4.5″ height x 5.5″ width) (EdgeBox RI at perimeter range)
  • Heavy gauge materials that will not warp, crack, split, rot, or deform
  • Continuous insulation to the roof edge (up to a 47% increase in R-value at the edge with Elimainailer-T)
  • Easy and precise installation with the pre-punched holes, installing up to 60% faster than wood nailers
  • Non-combustible, made with recycled materials
  • Simplify Metal Roof Retrofits
  • Save Valuable Resources by Streamlining Installation
  • Strong Perimeters on Low Slope Roofs
  • Building Materials You Can Stand Behind

Congress Associates

Congress Associates is proud to work with a select few roofing membrane and accessory product lines. Our roofing membrane partners instill trust in your investment and ensure your building keeps unwanted water out. Our rooftop accessory partners provide our customers with the assurance that we are conscious of the environment, and take pride in helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint with alternative daylighting solutions.

In addition, we provide a safe and stable space high above the ground level with our state-of-the-art safety rails and hatch solutions. As you can see with the partners we have teamed up with our services span the entire building envelope, from the foundation & utility access to the doors, windows, and the roof. The products we represent are all backed by world-class manufacturers who are committed to sustainability. Together, we work to: Make buildings last longer, Reduce overall lifecycle costs, and increase energy efficiency.

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