MajorSeal ™  Liquid Flashing

Why MajorSeal Liquid Flashing? Liquid Flashing offers an alternative to traditional flashing technology to waterproof difficult flashing conditions. MajorSeal ™ Systems combine MajorSeal ™ Liquid Flashing and RoofMate™ Flashing Fabric to form a durable, redundant flashing membrane. Available in a convenient, easy-to-use kit, MajorSeal ™ Liquid Flashing is a VOC-compliant, one-part moisture-curing grey polyether sealant.

  • One Part: No special tools or mixing required
  • Less Waste: Open pouches can be sealed for reuse; fewer pot-life concerns
  • VOC Compliant: Less than 25 grams/liter at 240°F and solvent-free
  • Non-Slumping: On vertical surfaces
  • Quickly Coat-able: Coating can happen within 24 hours
  • Versatile: Can be installed in temperatures ranging from 30°F (1.1°C) – 100°F (37.8°C)
  • No shrinkage: Due to high solids moisture-cure


Specifically designed to waterproof difficult flashing conditions, it offers an alternative to traditional flashing technology. ​​​​​​​See how this product can help you meet your environmental goals. View sustainability information here.

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