The lowest initial cost of a roof typically does not equal the total lowest cost; an initially lower priced roof can actually be much more costly over the life of the roof. When purchasing a roofing system that requires quite a bit of capital, consider the quality and lifespan of the product. Look for a roof that will protect your building and valuable assets for the entire time you occupy it, not a system that you will have to replace several times. Before you decide, uncover the real cost of your roof – costs occurring over the lifetime of the roof, not just the initial payments.
FUNCTION- Do you need your roof to last for a long period of time, (30 years)? Does a simple piece of paper stating that it will, suffice? Or do you want a roofing system with proven performance for a little extra upfront cost?
COST- Uncover the real cost of your roof, costs occurring over the lifetime of the roof, not just the initial payments. If you purchase a cheap or expensive membrane, you’ll still spend a good portion of the roof expense on labor. But once the team is gone…
MAINTENANCE – High-quality roofing systems can typically stand up against the elements more effectively than low-quality systems, resulting in lower costs for you over the life of the roof.
ENERGY SAVINGS – High-quality roofing systems can actually save you money long-term by keeping the cost of energy low. Energy savings do vary by month but are a nice added bonus.
Keeping you informed and updated will help you to make the best decision for your roof. Read more about Calculating the Life Cycle Cost of a Roof.
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