RoofTop Anchor Safety Systems

Sector Contoured Counterweighted Guardrail Systems.  Whether for temporary or permanent use, the adaptive design of Sector Safety Systems offers a variety of solutions for all kinds of applications—from unprotected roof edges, to open mechanical pits, to hazardous equipment locations or any general fall hazard. This system can stay on a rooftop indefinitely with no risk of compromising a roof membrane. Best of all, working within the safe zone created by the Sector Safety Systems requires no specific training or personal protective equipment.


  • Contoured Design for low-profile aesthetics
  • Guardrail System is 1.3 psi per base
  • Units nest together for easy transportation
  • Exceeds OSHA safety standards
  • Non-Penetrating design with support pad (separate item)
  • In-house engineers assist in designing your RoofTop Fall Protection System

Portable Guardrail

Designed to be easily installed section-by-section, the Portable Guard Rail system quickly adapts to suit your needs during construction, around roof access points, or when temporary hazards exist. The Rooftop Anchor patented, the cantilevered design uses proprietary geometry to achieve maximum safety with minimal weight and disperses weight across a large footprint to ensure that a roof’s membrane is never compromised. All prefabricated railing sections are available in a galvanized finish or powder-coated safety yellow.

Modular Guardrail

Modular foot design with offset guardrail attachment offers a unique cantilevered configuration for maximum safety and minimum weight. Quick setup, repositioning, and takedown. Working within the safe zone created by the Sector Safety Systems requires no specific training or personal protective equipment. Installed along open-sided walking surfaces, roofs, terraces, balconies, stairways, ramps, and landings that expose workers to a fall of 4’ or greater, an efficient and cost-effective way to comply with OSHA requirements. Congress Associates knows the right Safety Rail drastically reduces the greatest exposure to fall hazards in a rooftop environment, call us for your specific review on what is best for your building. We are a manufacturer sales agency representing a select few, cutting-edge, innovative roofing and waterproofing products. Committed to providing high-performance, sustainable products that deliver long-term results in an environmentally responsible way.
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