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Over the years, Siplast has introduced numerous innovations to meet the changing needs of building owners. In that spirit, Siplast is pleased to offer PVC KEE, a synthetic solution from the Company you have trusted for decades. Siplast’s approach to commercial roofing has always been to provide owners and specifiers with lasting solutions based on high-performance products of consistent quality. We focus on quality design, application, service, and products appropriate for the specific requirements of each Siplast project.

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Parasolo KEE

Parasolo KEE is a premium PVC membrane that is appropriate in situations where a synthetic membrane meets the needs of the building owner. Warehouses, office space, retail facilities, and roofs with little anticipated traffic can be well-suited for a single-ply solution with Parasolo KEE.

Quality & The Science of Resistance

Parasolo KEE undergoes a stringent series of quality control tests to ensure that the product meets the specific criteria important to its performance. Parasolo KEE incorporates Elvaloy® copolymer with various formulation advancements to achieve superior results for weathering, algae, chemical resistance, and the EMMAQUA test, an accelerated sunlight exposure that includes a soak-freeze-thaw test.

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PMMA Flashing Systems Multiple Penetrations

PMMA Flashing Systems Confined Areas

PMMA Flashing Systems Difficult Details

PMMA Flashing Systems Solved

System Solutions

PVC-KEE + PMMA – the Cadillac in Single Ply Roofing & Liquid Flashing!!  Siplast Parapro 123 Flashing is an ideal solution for difficult flashing situations, including equipment supports, I-beams, H-beams, stanchions, conduit, and unusual penetrations. It is a layered application consisting of two coats of catalyzed, PMMA resin encapsulating a layer of polyester fleece.
Dean Brown and Siplast, both trusted for decades,  always offer high quality and Siplast standard – We are with you every step of the way. Call or email Dean, Phone: (203) 533-2443
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