When you look at the average warranty in the roofing market, there are several hidden stipulations within the fine print. It should be noted, these warranties are written by attorneys that represent the roofing manufacturer, not the building owner.
At FiberTite, we believe a roofing warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it. Always check credentials and references before committing to a roofing system. Understanding what to look for in a roof warranty and determine what is offered and what the manufacturer stands behind is going to be key to the longevity of your roof.

Common Stipulations

  1. The roof must be maintained yearly with documentation of proof. Without proof of regular maintenance, the warranty can be canceled.
  2. Leaks have to be reported within 30 days. If not, the manufacturer can cancel the warranty.
  3. Only authorized contractors can make repairs. If non-authorized contractors maintenance the roof the warranty can be canceled.
  4. Many warranties require you to prevent excessive foot traffic. If there is excessive foot traffic on a rooftop, the warranty can be canceled.
  5. Allowing chemicals to be used to clean the AC coils, may cause damage to the membrane. If the proper cleaning technique isn’t followed to maintain the integrity of your roof, the warranty can be canceled.
FiberTite does not believe in selling warranties, they believe in selling an outstanding product. The best warranty a building owner can have is the warranty they will never have to use. Dean Brown can detail all the FiberTite warranty stipulations, for your project, call him at 203-533-2443 or email, dean@congressassociates.com.
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