Ludowici terra cotta shakes are in!

Wood shake alternatives from Ludowici are the best investment for your home and roof. Unlike other shake roof alternatives, Ludowici’s terra cotta roof tiles are walkable, noncombustible, and carry Grade 1 ASTM certification for less than 2% water absorption—the highest roof tile certification there is! Meaning your roof will easily survive freeze-thaw cycles for many winters to come. If you prefer the worn, aged look of a years’ old wooden roof, our skilled craftsmen can replicate warping without the wait.

  • 75-year material warranty, including color, your roof is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • The best in terra cotta roofing products in the United States for over 130 years.

LudoShake is a lightweight interlocking terra cotta roof tile featuring the texture and varied thickness of hand-split wood that can be installed in straight rows or staggered for a more rustic look. LudoShake will never fade, rot or curl. And unlike wood, rubber, or plastic shakes, LudoShake tiles are Class A fire-resistant, easy to install, maintenance-free, and have fewer pieces per square than most alternatives. Ludowici’s LudoShake interlocking clay tile is backed by a 75-year material warranty. LudoShake Premier is available in three random width tiles, and comes standard in (7) popular shake colors or can be used with custom colors or blends.

Shake colors:

  • Aged Cedar
  • Earth Gray
  • Ebony Mist
  • Golden Red Cedar
  • Sienna
  • Western Cedar
  • White Cedar

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Ludo 360 is a special clay body blend made of clay scrap, shale, and waste material that produces a clay tile with 40% postindustrial content. Ludowici can make any of our standard profiles, trim pieces, and accessories with our Ludo 360 clay body. Add that to one of our LEED, CRRC, and Energy Star color glazes and you have a truly environmentally friendly roof option.

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