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What is a GAF QuickSite™ Report?

What is a GAF QuickSite™ Report? A complete site-specific data report formatted to help you work smarter and more effectively. Arrive with the powerful insights you need about the roof condition, local building codes or design criteria, severe weather history, and more. Why choose a GAF QuickSite™ Report? Quick delivery -Under 24 hours for multi-family

Risky Business The Cost of Breaking Specs

Risky Business – Breaking Specs & Code Noncompliance The Risky Cost of Breaking Specs Not following building code by specifying ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 for edge systems on low slope roofs – a requirement in every state – is risky business, it risks your design, your project, and most importantly, your building’s occupants. Even after specifying compliance,

Low-Slope – What Designers Need to Know

Low-Slope Roofing 101 With a wide variety of different roof system types and components used on different building classifications, low-slope roofing can often be especially confusing for designers. This presentation will discuss many of the basics associated with low-slope roof design such as building design parameters, typical roof system components and attachment methods, code requirements,

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