Congress Associates works with companies & products to ensure your building keeps unwanted water out. Our services span the entire building envelope, from the foundation & utility access, to doors, windows & the roof.

Products we represent are all backed by world-class manufacturers committed to sustainability.

Together, we work to:
Make buildings last longer
Reduce lifecycle costs
Increase energy efficiency

Congress Associates has proudly partnered with the following organizations.


Recent Congress Associates & Partner News & Updates

Hickman Wood Nailer Alternatives

What if You Didn’t Need a Wood Nailer? Hickman Edge Systems makes using a wood nailer obsolete. The roof perimeter and corners serve as the first line of defense against severe winds, rain, hail, storms, tornados, hurricanes, and much more. If the edge fails, the entire roof system is in jeopardy. Replacing old wood nailers

Do you have slippery or damaged stairs?

Wooster Products has your stairs covered! Step up safety and give your old staircase an updated look with Wooster Products renovation treads! Stairmaster® and Flexmaster® Treads easily install over any existing stairs; concrete, wood, metal, masonry, etc. Treads are cut to any length you need and are pre-drilled for ready-to-install convenience – all at no

That’s a Relief… Hickman Price Relief!

Price Relief on Five Products Hickman has increased manufacturing capabilities in the South and the Midwest, along with new introductions to product lines, they’ve been able to expand capacity and are passing the cost savings directly to the customer. The Price Relief program includes five contractor-friendly products in the fascia and coping lines, uniquely engineered

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