Congress Associates works with companies & products to ensure your building keeps unwanted water out. Our services span the entire building envelope, from the foundation & utility access, to doors, windows & the roof.

Products we represent are all backed by world-class manufacturers committed to sustainability.

Together, we work to:
Make buildings last longer
Reduce lifecycle costs
Increase energy efficiency

Congress Associates has proudly partnered with the following organizations.


Recent Congress Associates & Partner News & Updates

Here’s ‘Why’ to choose Congress Associates

Our List of Why… If you are an owner of a commercial or industrial location, looking for systems and solutions for the roofing waterproofing and daylighting space, then Congress Associates is the Why for you. Congress Associates represent cutting-edge products and assist the building owner, architect, consultant, and contractor by recommending the right solution for

The Ultimate Repair that Bonds tenaciously to Concrete!

MG-KRETE by IMCO Technologies, Inc. Is the ultimate repair that bonds tenaciously to concrete. MG-KRETE is ideal for a virtually unlimited range of concrete repairs including thin overlays, pouring into forms, staircases, or as a fast-set plug. In addition, MG-KRETE can be troweled vertically and overhead, and cures very rapidly in all weather conditions – most

Think Differently with Basanite Industries

Basanite BasaFlex, BasaMix, BasaMesh Basanite Industries is the proud manufacturer of BasaFlex™, an enhanced Basalt Rebar, engineered to add intrinsic value in a concrete structure, and as a sustainable, non-corrosive alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. 100% Corrosion and Rust Proof – This eliminates spalling and cracking experienced by selecting traditional steel reinforcement and further eliminates

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