A Guide to Cold Storage Roof System Design

Cold storage buildings are often thought of as a typical building turned inside out. These buildings are designed to keep heat out instead of keeping heat in during the cold weather. The unique idea of an “always cold” interior pushes the discussion about vapor drive and air intrusion of the enclosure of a cold storage building to a higher level. For help and more information email us at coldstorage.assistance@gaf.com

Resources from the GAF Building & Roofing Science Team

These resources will guide you through the importance of the unique construction assemblies required for cold storage buildings, the primary control layers and their continuity, and how we need to think about the use of the primary control layers to reduce the risk of condensation in this inside-out scenario. Strategies that will provide information that promotes long-term performance and durability, as well as the long-term energy efficiency of roofs and the overall building enclosures that are part of cold storage buildings. Dean Brown understands the challenges cold weather impact on roofing. Call or email Dean for more details (203) 533-2443

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Cold Storage Roof System

Continuing Education Center

Cold Storage Roof Advice & Information

Cold Storage & Freezer Buildings

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