Save time and labor with EnergyGuard® Tapered Polyiso 4’x8′ Q panels

The letter Q is synonymous with top-field technologies, ask any James Bond fan! As you might remember, Q is the head of Q Branch, the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service charged with oversight of top secret field technologies. So we are happy to introduce, EnergyGuard ® Tapered Polyiso Insulation 4’x8′ Q panels for use when field fabricating tapered crickets. Larger panels result in faster installation, decreased number of panels handled, fewer cuts, and less waste. The product is available in 20 and 25 psi, GRF or CGF facer, and NH formulations. Save time and labor when field-fabricating crickets with 4’x8′ Q panels from GAF.

EnergyGuard ™ Tapered Polyiso Insulation Advantages

-Use half the panels

-Easier to lay out with 4×8

– Less waste

-Less joints to offset

-Can be loaded onto the roof faster

-GAF is the only manufacturer to offer this!

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Properly designed tapered systems virtually eliminate ponding water.

Compatible with TPO and PVC in adhered, mechanically attached, and induction welded systems.

Lightweight and easy to cut in the field, making handling and installation easier and more efficient.

GAF is North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. More homes and businesses in the U.S. are protected by a GAF roof than by any other product. We are the leading roofing manufacturer in North America, with plants strategically located across the U.S. As a Standard Industries company, GAF is part of the largest roofing and waterproofing business in the world. GAF is always working on new and better ways to protect homes, buildings, and our planet. We are committed to making our products better, stronger, safer, and in more sustainable ways that are faster and easier to install.

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