EverGuard® TPO

TPO Quick Spray Adhesive and EverGurad® is a sprayable, solvent-based contact adhesive useful for bonding smooth EverGuard® and EverGuard Extreme® TPO membranes to various substrates. Here’s a handy pdf with all the details

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 10 squares (93 sq m) of coverage per canister
  • Faster installation than traditional bonding adhesive
  • High initial tack


  • Substrate should be dry, clean, and free from contaminants
  • Allow adhesive to dry to a tacky feel before bonding membrane to substrate
  • Apply pressure with a push broom or weighted roller
Dean Brown can steer you in the right direction for getting EverGuard™TPO for your next roofing project. Call or email Dean, Phone:(203) 533-2443  dean@congressassociates.com
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