Revolutionizing Your Approach to the Roof Edge Measurement

Roof Edge Measurement has just gotten easier. Hickman is utilizing innovative, spatially locating technology unavailable anywhere else in the world. The Falcon is designed to expedite the entire process of measuring the perimeter, including quoting, delivery, and installation.

  • Hybrid clamping device accurately measures all parapet surfaces
  • Accuracy within thousandths of an inch and tenths of a degree
  • Radius, miters, transitions, end walls, and other unique and difficult details are simple to measure
  • Labor savings increases capacity and gets you off the roof faster
  • Creates an illustrated road map to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy of installation

Quick & Accurate Measurement of Your Perimeter


Available April 2022

The Leading Edge Since 1945

For more than seven decades the Hickman brand has been delivering best-in-class roof edge metal, serving as the roof’s first line of defense. Hickman Edge Systems manufactures well over 1,500 miles of edge metal products in an average year and is your go-to source for dependable fascia, coping, and water control. Hickman Edge Systems is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and includes approximately 80,000 square feet of office, warehouse, and manufacturing space. Our 50+ team members are involved in manufacturing, engineering, sales, and customer service. Hickman has been producing best-in-class edge metal products since 1945. Our product line includes a variety of engineered fascia, coping, water control systems, and related accessories for commercial roofing applications.

Congress Associates

Dean Brown, the principal at Congress Associates has 20 years of experience supporting the roofing and building envelope industry. Successfully partnering with organizations & supporting a variety of product lines that will best meet your project’s demands. The partners we have teamed up with span the entire building envelope, from the foundation & utility access to the doors, windows, and the roof. The products we represent are all backed by world-class manufacturers who are committed to sustainability. Together, we work to: Make buildings last longer, Reduce overall lifecycle costs, and increase energy efficiency.

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