PVC Powered by GAF Sales Promotion

Compete to earn a 22HP industrial generator — and more — with Qualifying Jobs including the installation of EverGuard® PVC roofing systems. PVC Powered by GAF is designed to reward GAF Commercial certified contractors who sell and install GAF EverGuard® PVC Qualifying Jobs with tools to help them succeed on the roof.

Promotion Rules

  • The 2024 GAF PVC Sales Promotion (“Promotion”) is a trade contest that is open to contracting businesses (not individuals and not the general public). Participation is limited only to Eligible Participants (as defined below) and is subject to the complete Official Rules.
  • Eligible Participants: Companies that are members of GAF’s Commercial Roofing Contractor Programs and eligible to issue GAF’s enhanced system limited warranties or guarantees (i.e., the Integrated System Limited Warranty, the System Pledge Guarantee, or the EverGuard® Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee).
  • How to Enter: Eligible Participants do not need to do anything to enter. GAF will automatically track their performance during their Performance Period.
  • Performance Measurement: GAF will track Eligible Participant’s Qualifying Jobs and Squares.


Qualifying Job

Here are the specifics for a Qualifying Job, an Eligible Participant’s sale and installation of EverGuard® PVC, EverGuard® PVC KEE, or EverGuard® PVC XK (KEE) roofing systems on a project for which an Enhanced System Limited Warranty or Guarantee is purchased, during the Eligible Participant’s Performance Period.

Square is defined as a 100-square-foot section of roofing membrane sold and installed by an Eligible Participant on a Qualifying Job, and will be attributed to an Eligible Participant upon written notice of completion provided to GAF in connection with the anticipated issuance of the Enhanced System Limited Warranty or Guarantee.

No subscription or certification is required. The cost is the same for all property sizes, types, or contractor certification levels.

From January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, complete three Qualifying Jobs (as defined below) and install:


At the end of the Promotion, the 5 GAF commercial certified contractors who completed 3 Qualifying Jobs and installed the MOST EverGuard® PVC, PVC KEE, or PVC XK Squares at the end of this promotion will receive a Winco 22HP Industrial Big Dog gas generator (a >$5,000 value).



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