GAF Vapor Retarder – easy installation!

GAF SA Vapor Retarder XL combines a polyethylene face with a butyl adhesive backing, giving you the following benefits:

SA Vapor Retarder XL is a self-adhered vapor-inhibiting membrane in large, six-square rolls that do not require a primer prior to installation.

•Large, 6-square rolls mean fewer to install

•180-day exposure when properly applied*

•Substrates don’t require primer*

•ASTM E108 Class A and FM 4470 Class 1 Fire Ratings directly over steel deck**

*When applied according to specifications/installation manual available at
**Refer to for actual assemblies.

GAF SA Vapor Barrier XL is a self-adhered, vapor-inhibiting membrane designed for use in approved roofing membrane assemblies. It’s composed of a trilaminated woven polyethylene facer combined with an advanced, high-tack butyl rubber adhesive. The under-face is applied with a split silicone release film that is removed during installation. This uniquely durable product exhibiting high tensile strength can be left exposed for up to 180 days when installed in accordance with published GAF specifications and details.

Designed to be self-sealing with increased adhesion performance, GAF SA Vapor Retarder XL provides three times the peel strength compared to self-adhered modified bitumen vapor barriers.

Click here for a handy PDF with all the details.

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