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NovaFlex Joint Sealant is a single-component, high-solid, low-odor material, which cures to an ultra-low modulus, flexible, durable rubber-like solid which is designed for sealing joints in traffic-bearing concrete or asphalt pavement and parking decks, including transverse contraction and expansion joints, longitudinal, centerline, and shoulder joints, as well as parking deck/garage expansion and control joints. This ultra-low modulus joint sealant is best used for highways, pavement, and parking decks. 
Ultra low modulus results in high movement capability with convenient, single-component neutral curing.

Adheres To: Asphalt ~ Concrete ~ Metal

Recommended for Sealing
Joints in Traffic Bearing Concrete or Asphalt Pavement and Parking Decks
Transverse Contraction and Expansion Joints
Longitudinal Joints
Centerline Joints
Shoulder Joints
Not Recommended For: Surfaces that are to be painted or joints continuously submerged under water. Install product recessed 1/8” from traffic.

Click here for a novaflex-joint-sealant-product-info-sheet
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