Roof Hatch Safety Rail Update

One of the three core values at Rooftop Anchor is to always be solutions-oriented. Rooftop Anchor | SafePro 30×36 Roof Hatch Safety Rail design has been changed to enable more efficient packaging, stocking, shipping, and mostly installation! Specifically, the ability to install with only one worker!

Installation Video

4 simple tools and a quick 10 step process and installation is complete!

It’s All-Around Easier!

  • Easier to adjust. Universal gate and can be set up to swing open left or right.
  • Easier to install. With bolt-on legs, the updated design can be installed easier with one worker.
  • Easier to install around tight parapets and wall areas.
  • Easier to manage volume inventory.  Packaged to easily stack and store in your warehouse.
  • Easier to ship smaller quantities via ground carrier and at a reduced rate. Quantities of around five or more (no more than 10), will likely be combined on a pallet.

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  • ​​​​​​​OSHA/CAL-OSHA compliant​​​​​
  • Protects workers from falls through the roof hatch
  • Installation can be performed by one person with basic tools
  • Protects workers from falls through the roof hatch

Tech Data Sheet

Assembly Instructions

Congress Associates knows the right Safety Rail drastically reduces the greatest exposure to fall hazards in a rooftop environment, call us for your specific review on what is best for your building. Congress Associates is a manufacturer sales agency representing a select few, cutting-edge, innovative roofing and waterproofing products. Committed to providing high-performance, sustainable products that deliver long-term results in an environmentally responsible way.

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