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Ace Clamp® part of a third generation company, PMC Industries is a design and manufacturing company that has been supplying customers with Solar & Snow roofing hardware solutions for years. Congress Associates is our trusted partner to supply our products.
Ace Clamp® continues to pave the way for world-class roofing solutions in the form of innovative clamping options for standing seam metal roofs. In both commercial and residential applications, our FM & UL approved products meet stringent industry standards for wind, solar and snow retention.
  • Snow Bar & Snow Rails for Metal Roofs (Ace Clamp eliminates the need for set screws, require no re-torquing, come fully-assembled, ready to install)
  • Screw down systems for membrane, asphalt, tile, and slate roofing
  • Ice Guard attachments

Solar Products 

The AceClamp® A2® along with the AceClamp®Solar Kit offers a low-cost alternative to secure PVs to SSMRs. The unique non-penetrating sliding pin design really helps preserve the panel warranty! AceClamp® can also be used with an L-Foot bracket design for attachment of rail systems used in other types of PV installations.

Snow Reduction Solutions

AceClamp® metal roof snow guards make a bold statement and can also be coated to match your roofing finish. Choose our simple, snap-installing Color Snap® Snow Rail System to blend your kit with your roofing material, designed for SSMR or AceClamp 2 or 3 Bar Snow Retention System for attaching to slate, asphalt or tile.

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