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Basanite Industries is the proud manufacturer of BasaFlex™, an enhanced Basalt Rebar, engineered to add intrinsic value in a concrete structure, and as a sustainable, non-corrosive alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. 100% Corrosion and Rust Proof – This eliminates spalling and cracking experienced by selecting traditional steel reinforcement and further eliminates the costs and need for special coatings or treatments on your concrete. You can even consider a reduction in the overall concrete depth or wall thickness – also saving money and time on the project. All in all, by using BasaFlex™. Rebar you are reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and creating a 100+ year useful lifecycle!

Innovative, Corrosion Proof, Composite Reinforcement for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Slabs on Grade, Hydraulic Structures and Precast Concrete Elements

Non Corrosive Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar

  • BasaFlex™ BFRP Rebar is a sustainable, rust-proof alternative to traditional steel reinforcement, with significant savings in transportation and handling costs.
  • BasaMix™ is made up of extremely fine denier Basalt Multifilament Fibers that are non-corrosive, 3-Dimensional isotropic reinforcement.
  • BasaMesh™ is a Geo Grid Material made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymers as an alternative to traditional steel WWM in walls or flatwork, or in other reinforcing applications where coverage depth of application and shadowing are of concern.

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