EverGuard® TPO Fleece‑Back Membranes

Yes, we know it’s summer but you know what comes after that season… so get excellent performance and add protection against impacts with thicker fleece-back TPO with EverGuard® TPO Fleece‑Back 100, 115, and 135 Membranes. The reliability of TPO with the added protection of fleece-back will get your roof through any season.


A roof is more than the surface that keeps water out of buildings; it’s the first line of defense from the elements, whether rain, snow, wind, hail, heat, or sun. Roof systems are a complex part of the building enclosure with many components that serve as a means to control water, air, vapor, and heat transfer.


GAF offers EverGuard® Fleece-Back TPO 100, 115, and 135
•Durable — Ideal for FM 4470 — Very Severe Hail (VSH) rated systems
•Flexible — Installs over various existing roofing systems without a slip sheet
•Efficient — Installs 2-3 times faster with GAF two-part roofing adhesive than with traditional GAF solvent-based TPO adhesive
•Reliable — The right product for the spec from the company you trust


We Promise No Sheep Were Injured In This Post!

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