IRE – International Roofing Expo

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is the largest roofing and exteriors event in North America. Each year residential and commercial professionals come together to meet suppliers, discover new products, network with the global industry, and improve how they run their businesses.

Customer Perspective:

Congress Associates wanted to hear from attendees at the IRE here is what we learned. If we didn’t meet you we still would love your input. Send us your answer to any of our questions below!


Who has been the most helpful in your business?
Our dedicated team has been the backbone of our success. Each member, from sales to support staff, has played a crucial role in achieving our goals.

How do you feel about your communication with clients?
Maintaining open and transparent communication with our clients is a top priority. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and a client-centric approach have ensured a strong and positive rapport with our clientele.

Describe your perfect customer?
Our perfect customer is one who values quality, innovation, and long-term partnerships. They appreciate our commitment to excellence, engage in open communication, and are proactive in addressing challenges, contributing to a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Who has been the most helpful in your business?
Our collaboration with you the Customer was our main ingredient to our success in 2023. Your Support, expertise, reliability, and shared commitment to our collaborative business have made you an invaluable ally.

What kind of communication do you expect from your partners?
Effective and transparent communication is paramount in our partnerships. Regular updates on project statuses, timely responses to queries, and a collaborative approach ensure smooth operations and foster a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

Who is your favorite partner and why?
While all our partners are essential, the customer stands out due to their consistent dedication to excellence. Their proactive problem-solving, responsiveness, and alignment with our values make them an ideal and integral partner.


What was the best result you had in 2023?
The standout achievement in 2023 for Congress Associates was achieving continued customer engagement, increased market presence, and sales growth compared to the previous year. All of these key factors are attributed to strategic business decisions, targeted marketing efforts, and our team’s unwavering commitment.

What elements create the best business results for you?
The key elements that consistently drive the best results for us include a deep understanding of client needs, fostering strong industry relationships, and staying ahead of technological advancements. Our emphasis on providing innovative solutions and excellent customer service has been pivotal.

What result didn’t happen for you, and why did that happen?
While overall performance was exceptional, we faced challenges in expanding in certain markets that we did not foresee. This setback prompted us to reassess our approach and strengthen our core principles for future ventures.

IRE Ludowici

PEOPLE – Ludowici Terra Cotta Tiles, Rob Wehr – CEO and Philippe Rosak – National Sales Manager, Derek Schumacher, Congress Associates.


PARTNERSHIPS – GAF is transforming the roofing industry! They have been an excellent partnership for Congress Associates.

FT Synthetics IRE

PARTNERSHIPS – FT Synthetics and the coated woven fabrics is a new and unique product we are happy to work with.

hickman IRE

PARTNERSHIPS – Hickman is revolutionizing the wind-resistant gutter. Rounding out our best collaborative partnerships.

Congress Associates has decades of experience supporting the roofing and building envelope industry and centers around successfully partnering with organizations & individuals across the industry while supporting a variety of product lines that will best meet your project’s demands.

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