VINTEGRA® Waterproofing Membranes

Looking for a versatile waterproofing solution? VINTEGRA® membranes are the answer. Our membranes can be used for underslab installation, property line construction, backfilled walls, and more. Protecting your building with proper waterproofing is just as critical as a vapor intrusion mitigation system. For years CETCO has been the leader in defending your structure from water ingress. Now our product line welcomes a new addition to the offering. VINTEGRA® Waterproofing Membranes are composite comprised of a 500 micron thick, 7-layer engineered film consisting of polyethylene and an EVOH barrier layer with integrated bentonite geotextile waterproofing tanking membrane.

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  • Offers superior protection from water & gas vapors – EVOH barrier layer integrated into the membrane ensures additional excellent performance against methane and other vapors & contaminants entering through concrete foundations.
  • Lab studies confirm multi-layer EVOH barriers provide maximum assurance compared to HDPE membranes of similar thicknesses.
  • Two proven technologies, combined together into one membrane.
  • Positive feedback from the design community, especially in Greenfield sites use.



PE/EVOH membrane integrated with an adhesive coating that chemically bonds to poured or placed concrete for underslab & property line application



Incorporates a bentonite geotextile waterproofing component for additional protection and mechanically bonds to poured or placed concrete for underslab applications.



Uses a pressure-sensitive butyl adhesive forming a bond to in-place concrete and preventing lateral water migration.

Check out our product manual for specifics or contact CETCO for custom guidelines.


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