What is a GAF QuickSite™ Report?

A complete site-specific data report formatted to help you work smarter and more effectively. Arrive with the powerful insights you need about the roof condition, local building codes or design criteria, severe weather history, and more.

Why choose a GAF QuickSite™ Report?

Quick delivery -Under 24 hours for multi-family and commercial properties. Stated delivery times apply only to reports ordered during our business hours. If an eligible report is not delivered within the stated time, you may be eligible for credit. Terms and restrictions apply. No subscription or certification is required. The cost is the same for all property sizes, types, or contractor certification levels.


Roof Condition Assessment

A roof condition assessment helps identify issues such as patches, in-place tarps, debris, rust, pooling water, missing materials, structural damage, and more.

Property Weather History

Receive a detailed 10-year wind and hail history including estimated hail size and wind speed at the specific site.

Local Building Codes or Roof Design Criteria

Make effective decisions, fast, with easy access to relevant local building codes or roof design criteria. Information provided varies based on the property type.

Parcel Data and Permit History

May include information such as property lines, boundaries, ownership information, construction type, and more. Information is provided if available and the level of detail varies.

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