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Join Cetco and Congress Associates for this AIA accredited webinar and earn LU|HSW hours upon completion. Waterproofing concepts in Below Grade and Plaza Deck and Blind Side. You’ll learn and earn those LU|HSW credits.

Below-Grade & Plaza Deck Waterproofing
Feb 25, 2021 11:00 AM CT

Join us for this AIA accredited webinar and earn 1.25 LU|HSW hours upon completion!

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Learning Objectives:

  • Education of below-grade and plaza deck waterproofing solutions for open, active day-lit spaces, and walkable communities
  • Material selection and product exposure to include sodium bentonite, super absorbent polymers, self-adhered membranes, hot rubberized asphalt, and concrete waterstops
  • Evaluation and selection of appropriate waterproofing products and accessories for specific site conditions including preservation/reuse of existing facilities
  • The importance of quality control measures for desired performance of installed waterproofing systems and total building commissioning

Challenges of Blind Side Waterproofing
Mar 11, 2021 11:00 AM CT

Join us for this AIA accredited webinar and earn 1.0 LU|HSW hours upon completion!

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Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate and select appropriate waterproofing systems and components for specific site conditions and construction methods
  • Identify common difficulties/problems for waterproofing installation and performance
  • Determine methods to avoid, prevent, and solve problems
  • Review importance standardized Quality Assurance Program Time

Congress Associates is a manufacturer sales agency representing a select few, cutting-edge, innovative roofing and waterproofing products. Committed to providing high-performance, sustainable products that deliver long-term results in an environmentally responsible way. We will alert you to any new webinars that can help you in your business. Our experience and the accumulated knowledge of our partner organizations will help you navigate the many products and promises, and aid you in making informed and aware decisions regarding the products required in your building’s construction. All of us at Congress Associates continue to strive for excellence in our relationships, in our service, in our integrity, and in the products we install and service.

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