Why GAF LRF Adhesive XF?

GAF LRF Adhesive XF is a two-component, construction-grade, low-rise polyurethane foam roofing adhesive. It is designed to adhere most roof insulations, vapor retarders, and cover boards to compatible substrates as well as to adhere to fleece-back single-ply membranes. To ensure substrate compatibility, adhesion testing is recommended. For instructions on proper usage of this product, please refer to the EverGuard® TPO/PVC Adhered Roofing System Overview & General Requirements Manual. The “Part A” and “Part B” components are dispensed from two pre-pressurized disposable cylinders utilizing a two-component disposable foam applicator. It is cost-effective and allows for faster membrane installation than traditional GAF buckets and roller adhesives. Grab your PDF here for all the details.


Benefits of GAF LRF Adhesive XF

  • Coverage rate, up to 24 sq. for Fleece-Back TPO/PVC membranes & up to 35 sq. for insulation
  • Low odor makes it suitable for occupied buildings
  • Ready and easy-to-use portable canister
  • Zero VOCs (after mixing using SCAQMD Method 304)
  • No CFCs or HCFCs
  • Allows for faster membrane installation than traditional GAF bucket and roller adhesives
  • No expensive equipment or maintenance required
  • No external power source is necessary so noise associated with generators can be avoided
  • Provides excellent wind-uplift resistance characteristic of adhered systems
  • Helps reduce thermal bridging


Here is more about the proper coverage:


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